• Half Lobster RM

    Tossed with dill mayonnaise, warm brioche

  • Scallop Ceviche RM

    Charred corn, coriander, truffle beetroot.

  • Grilled Octopus Salad RM

    Tea smoked potato, paprika dressing

  • Softshell Crab Salad RM

    Iceberg lettuce, rosemary, gorgonzola, pecan nuts.

  • Terrine de Foie Gras RM

    grapefruit, ciabatta crisp.

  • Classic Black Angus Beef Tartar RM

    Served on melba toast.

  • Beef Tataki RM

    Roasted eggplant, tomato, honey carrot dressing

  • Seasonal garden greens RM

    Roasted almond, truffle dressing


  • Classic French Onion RM

    Topped with cheese baguette.

  • Clam Chowder RM

    Celery, chervil


  • Lamb Shoulder on Lentil RM

    Australian lamb, Puy lentil*, Japanese rice and olives.

  • Seafood Paella for Two RM

    Flavored with Iranian Saffron.

  • Mushroom Rice in Broth RM

    Porcini, shimeji*, truffle butter, spring onion.

  • Squid Ink Rice RM

    Roasted red pepper, aioli.


  • Whole Lobster Tail RM

    Butter poached, sage potato dumpling.

  • King Scallop RM

    Umeboshi*, tobiko*, charred corn and butternut squash.

  • Grilled Tiger Prawn RM

    Oregano, yuzukosho* lemon.

  • Norwegian Salmon RM

    together with edamame puree, molasses, coriander ponzu.

  • Alaskan Sea Bass RM

    with black olive tapenade.

  • Free-Range Chicken RM

    Chickpea, smoked eggplant and aurora sauce.

  • Grilled Lamb Chop RM

    Greek yogurt, prunes and roasted garlic.

  • Beef Ribs RM

    Slow cooked in Asian spices.

  • Wagyu Rib Eye MS7 RM

    with truffle butter.

  • Black Angus Tenderloin RM

    in bearnaise sauce*.

  • Dry-Aged Black Angus Rib Eye RM

    in chimichurri sauce*